Chakra Clearing

Chakras have been recognized in eastern meditation, especially yoga, for centuries. It is only in the last half of the 20th century that the western cultures and science came to recognize and validate the “etheric” or energy body of human beings. Chakras are part of this human energy system.  Like any other part of the human body, they need attention to operate optimally. It is advisable to check and clear chakras on a weekly basis. See Chakra chart to determine if your chakras need clearing and balancing. There are a number of methods for clearing and balancing chakras:

  • Meditation
  • Color
  • Crystals
  • Tuning forks
  • Essential oils.

Depending on the congestion in the chakras one or more modalities may be necessary to achieve clarity and healthy functioning.

There are seven “main” chakras:chakra-bodyrevised

1.  Root chakra whose color is red is located in the peritoneum and is the center for keeping us  grounded in the physical world.

2.  Sacral chakra whose color is orange is located midway between the peritoneum and the belly button. It is related to reproduction and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure.

3.  Solar Plexus chakra is yellow and is located near the solar plexus or sternum. This is the center of potency, power and will.

4.  Heart chakra is green and is located in the heart. It is the bridge between the lower three “survival” chakras and the higher three “spiritual” chakras. It is the center for human love.

5.  Throat chakra whose color is light blue or turquoise is located in the throat. It houses our integrity and allows us to speak our truth with courage, to listen to others, and to not judge.

6.  Brow chakra (sometimes called the “Third eye”) is located in the forehead between the eyebrows. Its color is indigo. It is the site of clear vision in the spiritual sense and guides us into “agape” love.

7.  Crown chakra whose color is violet is located at the top or “crown” of the head. It is our access to the divine, allowing us to draw in spiritual energy. It is the center of knowing without thought or reason and integrates the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our selves.