Intuitive Tarot Card

Intuition is natural. It encompasses all of our senses and is at the center of our survival mechanisms. Intuition tunes us in to our inner and outer world realities. Its awareness moves freely and is not bound by time or distance.  Intuitive Tarot Readings are just that. They are done using intuition – that gut feeling or first instinct that comes when I look at a card.  Intuitive readings leave each card open to interpretation within the context of the question and the other cards in the spread by using the artwork, the cards themselves, and the symbols.  Symbolism has been a

Thoth tarot Fool Card

visual means to transmit life lessons since ancient times. The symbols on Tarot cards represent natural forces from the cosmos to earth.  Intuitive Tarot Reading is looking at the specific card and allowing the card to speak. Intuition allows the unique meaning for each individual to come


through the Universal gateway.  As your Intuitive Tarot Reader, I combine my Intuition with my understanding of card meanings to see your core self, what you are experiencing, and the most loving way for you to proceed.  Intuitive Readings are one of the oldest forms of counseling. They empower you by focusing your awareness on the present.


I use the Thoth Tarot deck created by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris because of its broad cross-cultural symbolism. It combines Egyptian, Grecian, Eastern, Medieval, and Christian symbols. Additionally, it incorporates numerology, astrology, alchemy, and the Cabala, making it multidisciplinary as well as cross-cultural.  Carl Jung stated: “the psychological mechanism for transforming energy is the symbol” and the Thoth Tarot is a broad based symbology making it ideal for use with a broad variety of clients.