Past Life

pastlifecard1A past life reading is done using The Phoenix Cards by Susan Sheppard.  The Phoenix Cards are the first method of divination especially created for delving into your past lives.  Discover how the times and places of previous incarnations influence and inspire you today; understand the puzzling elements of your personality; come to terms with unexplained fears; and recognize latent talents.

In an initial Phoenix Card Past Life Reading, you will pick seven cards that speak to you.  These seven cards are then interpreted in accordance with the Past Life Mandala.  The seven positions on the Mandala are:

1.  Sun:  your essence and impulses: how you are perceived by others and the energy of your “outward” personality.

2.  Moon: signifies solitary reflection and your true nature on a soul level; your hidden self.  It represents energy you “psychically” radiate to others.

3.  Mercury: reflects thinking patterns and abilities to articulate; this is the position of current self-expression.

4.  Venus: reveals how you love and share; it is your aesthetic and artistic sense; your ability to create emotional harmony and balance; the type of lover you are.

5.  Saturn:  represents reality and the limitations that have recently been placed on you.  This position signifies karma, both past and present.

6.  Uranus: reveals our innate potential for genius; the electric inspiration when creative ideas appear as “gifts” and are brought into fruition out of the air.  It represents the type of friend you are and how you relate to humanity.  It symbolizes how you think on an universal level.

7.  Pluto: reveals your deepest impulses; your ability to surmise and understand things at their core.  Pluto reveals your next phase of development.

After your initial reading, you may choose to do three additional types of readings.

The Five Star Spread

1.  Sun: daily meditation

2.  Moon: overcoming bad habits

3.  Mercury: clearing the mind

4.  Venus: romance questions

5.  Saturn: lifting of obstacles

 The Triangle of Manifestation

1.  Pluto: the unlearned lesson

2.  Uranus: the Unexpected gift

3.  Venus: the needs of the Spiritplcard2

The Four Elements:

1.  Mercury: fluency, judgment

2.  Sun: energy, anger

3.  Moon: feelings, self-pity

4.  Saturn: wisdom, stubbornness

The Triangle of Manifestation and the Four Elements are done in one session.